-Touch me, touch me without fear, I don't bite
+Seriously? -he questioned smiling me
-Seriously...-he embraced me like I was a feather,with softly
+I love you ¿you know?-I blushed and I bit my lower lip
-I...I have fear
-Yes...fear for our relationship
+not you, not because I love you and I will love you until the end
-That sounds very well,but you say this now,what will you say in a few months?
+The same!
-You don't know it...
+So...wanna be with me?
-Yes...but my fear will not go away...not now
+I don't mind!I love you now and live fast and die young
-I don't want to die young!
+Live the moment?
-I like more - I smiled
+Come here - He embraced me again, this time with alot of love and tenderness, smiled and kiss me

GIFS de Misfits,una serie muuuy recomendable

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